Motorbike Leather gloves
  • ┬áIn Cowhide Leather
  • Abrasion resistant fabric
  • With Protections
  • made By LeatherOne
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Choosing motorbike gloves from dozens of available choices can be a little difficult. There are scores of website claiming to be the number one provider of motorbike gears and accessories. However, not all of them will provide you with genuine stuff at a suitable price. Once you have tried and tested a few brands, it is easier to choose the right one that suits you. For a first timer, there are some obvious recommendations or purchase tips that should be followed –

1. Take a closer look at the material used in leather gloves. Leather is the obvious first choice as nothing beats it in terms of durability and reliability. These gloves are equally comfortable to wear.

2. You can find some gloves made up of breathable fabrics for the summer season. Unlike leather gloves, they will be inexpensive. However, gloves other than those made up of leather won’t last for a long time, but they do provide a value for the money that you will spend on them.

3. Gloves should keep your warm. Do not buy gloves that are going to make your hands sweaty. That will be very irritating while you are riding; however, you do not want your hand cold either, this will make it hard to navigate the stirring wheel.

4. Consider the kind of protection that you want. Finger-less motorbike gloves look great but they don’t provide enough protection. Make sure that the gloves you are choosing provide protection to your fingers, palms, and your wrist as well.

5. Pay a lot of attention to comfort level. The motorbike gloves should be a perfect fit when you hold the handle and throttle. These gloves shouldn’t slip off your hands so easily.

6. Check the padding and see if all parts of the glove are designed properly. Take a look at the inside cover of glove as well.



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